Standard Size 6-Axis Hexapod Platform Positioners

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PI is the world leader in precision 6-DOF Hexapod / Stewart platform design. PI's core business is ultra-precision motion control. With more than 1300 employees in many countries around the world, and three decades of hexapod mechanics, controller and software design experience, PI can provide a solution for your next motion project quickly. PI recently acquired a number of motion and positioning companies and can also offer single and multi-axis motion and positioning systems with linear motors, air bearings and industrial EtherCat-based motion controllers. PI's electro-mechanical and piezoelectric Hexapod (Stewart-Gough) platforms have many advantages over hydraulic hexapods. They are smaller, offer much higher precision and most are self locking on power-off. The latest models provide absolute position encoders for added speed and security after power up. PI hexapods are available in many sizes, configurations for loads from 2kg to more than 1000kg.


The following Hexapod Platforms are standard catalog products.
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H-850 Hexapod Platform High-Force 6-Axis Positioner
H-850 Hexapod
  • Up to 500 kg Load Capacity
  • 20000 h MTBF
  • Works in Any Orientation
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • No Moving Cables
  • High-Load, Ultra-Low-Friction Bearings
  • Actuator Resolution to 0.005 Microns
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions
  • Randomized Pivot Point
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms
PDF Brochure |Specifications for 250 kg Version

H-811 Miniature Hexapod Platform
H-811 Small Hexapod
  • Miniature High Precision Hexapod
  • 5 kg Load
  • Actuator Resolution 0.05 µm
  • Repeatability up to ±0.5 µm
  • Velocity to 20 mm/sec
  • Diameter: 130 mm, Height: 115 mm
  • XY-Travel: 35 mm; Z-Travel 13 mm
  • Rotations: Z: 40°; X&Y: 20°
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H-810 Miniature 6-Axis Hexapod Platform Positioner
H-810 Miniature Hexapod
  • Smallest PI Standard Hexapod, yet long Travel to40x40x13mm &60°
  • 5kg Load
  • Actuator Resolution 40 Nanometers
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 200 Nanometers
  • Repeatability up to ±0.5 Microns
  • Velocity to 10 mm/sec
PDF Datasheet | Online Datasheet

H-206 Six-Axis Fiber Aligner / Manipulator Parallel Positioner
HexAlign 6-Axis Precision Alignment System / Manipulator (Hexapod)
  • Ultra-Precision Fiber Alignment System
  • Powerful 6-Axis Controller with Open Source LabView™ Drivers, DLL Libraries...
  • Integrated Fiber Alignment Routines
  • 33 Nanometers Actuator Resolution
  • Repeatability 0.3 Microns
  • No Moving Cables: Improved Reliability, Reduced Friction
  • Cartesian Coordinate Control with Virtualized Pivot Point.
PDF Datasheet | Online Datasheet

H-824 6-Axis Hexapod Platform Positioner / Microrobot with Vacuum Option
M-824 Vacuum Hexapod
  • Includes Powerful 6-Axis Controller with Open Source LabView™ Drivers, DLL Libraries...
  • Vacuum Compatible Versions
  • Load to 10 kg
  • Travel Ranges to 45 mm & 25°
  • 7 Nanometers Actuator Resolution
  • 300 Nanometers Min. Incremental Motion
  • Repeatability ±0.5 Micron
  • Self Locking to 10 kg
PDF Datasheet | Online Datasheet

H-840 Fast Six-Axis Stewart Platform Hexapod
HexaLight 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematics Microrobot
  • Six Degrees of Freedom
  • Actuator Resolution to 0.016 Micron
  • Includes Sophisticated 6-Axis Controller Using Vector Algorithms
  • No Moving Cables
  • Up to 30 kg Load Capacity
  • Repeatability to ±2 Micron
  • Significantly Smaller and Stiffer than Serial-Kinematics Systems, Better Dynamics
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions
  • Virtualized Pivot Point
  • 20000 h MTBF
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  • Flexible Arrangement, Easy Customization
  • Long Linear Travel Ranges
  • Many Drive and Motor Options
  • Ultra High Vacuum Versions (10-9 mBar)
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